Sorry for the delay between postings, there were a lot of details to deal with during the final stretch but everything worked out perfectly.  It has been exactly 8 weeks since we started this journey and I’m happy to report that the house is finished – furniture is in, television is working, literally a turn-key house!  We are still picking up a few details here and there but the crew has now left the site and we are enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

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6 Comments on “Finished!”

  1. Scott Beecham Says:

    Cangratulations, it looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. ika Says:

    this looks great. please post more photos of finished house inside and outside.

  3. Bill Franz Says:

    I agree with Ika. The photos left me wanting more.It looks great and I can’t wait to see it up close!

  4. Parnell Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! It look amazing! Cant wait to see it in person! More pics please!

  5. Phil Says:

    whats the cost of the home to a consumer?

  6. Mary Mitchell Says:

    Good job, David. I’ll buy one in my next life. (: .

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